Sunday, July 31, 2011

Make sense already!

I own a logic textbook. It is boring, and dull, and full of strange and incomprehensible things that I'm convinced were written just to fuck with college students.

My only motivation for taking a logic class in college was that it counted as a math credit and FUCK ALGEBRA CLASSES, SERIOUSLY. But I'm completely glad that I took logic, because it reminded me of how AWESOME it is knowing about logical fallacies. Not phallacies like phallic. Phallacies isn't even a word, and even if it was, this place has nothing to do with dicks. This place is all about how NOT to be a dick.

As the bastion of knowledge Wikipedia will tell you, a logical fallacy is any mistake (or outright no-good deviousness) in an argument that results in "misconception or presumption". According to me, a logical fallacy is any argument that makes you look like a complete dick. Cognitive biases are pretty much the same, only they stick harder and they're harder to convince people out of.

So, here's this blog. I'm going to go through as many logical fallacies and cognitive biases as I can and try to explain them in a way that makes sense. If I make a mistake, you're free to call me on it, and you're free to request whichever fallacy your little hearts most desire to have explained.


  1. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited for this. If I come across any horrible fallacies (from professors, fellow students, etc.) I'll be sure to pass them along.

  2. I approve of this so much. I took a Symbolic Logic class my first semester at uni for that very same reason, and dear god.